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We regret to announce that Abelle Childcare has had to close its doors to children under our care as of Friday, 24th of March 2017. This is as a result of a request from Ofsted that Abelle Limited, cease to act as a registered childcare provider. Following Ofsted’s stated intention to cancel the registration of the company, it became apparent that we could no longer run as a viable business.

Unfortunately, this suspension has resulted in 250 children, 200 parents and several staff suffering untold hardship. For this, we apologise, and while nothing that we say or do can make amends for the heartache caused, we regret to say that the law compels us to take this action.

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Since Abelle commenced operation 5 years ago, Ofsted has visited our centres several times and on no occasion have they had any reason to close or even suspend any of these centres. The last visits were in 2016 to three of our centres, two of which were adjudged to have ‘met’ requirements and one declared ‘good’.

There was an incident which seems to have triggered Ofsted’s action. It happened in the private residence of a director. The smack was a gesture: no tears were involved, no injury was caused, no harm was caused and none was intended.

There was no incident at any of Abelle Childcare’s centres. We will like to reassure our parents, that the said incident did not involve any children under Abelle’s care; not at any preschool, afterschool or breakfast club.

It is our opinion that Ofsted determined to close the settings once they heard about this incident. The visits, intimidation, and interrogation of staff, caused a lot of confusion and undue stress for staff and parents alike. Suddenly, centres that were rated ‘good’ were now no longer good. Staff worked very hard to implement all recommendations but that was not enough.

On the 22nd of March, to retain the consistency of provision for the children and avert any further action from Ofsted, we informed them that we would be transitioning the business to new owners, however, on the 24th of March, they shut us down.

Since Ofsted has not been forth coming with reasons for taking this drastic action, we have had a lot of enquires which has prompted this response.

We hope this correspondence will reassure you about the care given to your children. We thank all those who have supported us and would like to apologise again for any inconveniences.